Juice Concentrate

Valley View

Prune Juice & Concentrates

Valley View Foods, Inc. specializes in prune juice concentrate products that are made to customer specifications.

Sacramento Packing
Sacramento Packing


  • Prune Juice Concentrate, 70 ± 1˚ Brix
  • Prune Juice Concentrate, 65 ± 1˚ Brix
  • Single Strength Prune Juice, 18.5 ± 1˚ Brix
  • Fresh Prune Juice Concentrate, 70 ± 1˚ Brix


  • Truck Tankers
  • Five (5) Gallon Pails
  • One (1) Gallon Pails
  • 330 Gallon Corrugated Tote Bins
  • 55 Gallon O/H Reconditioned Metallic Drums
  • 55 Gallon Tight-Head Plastic Drums

Like our products, we have packaging options that can be designed and constructed to customer's specification.

Our containers and drums are double-lined with food-grade FDA approved ultra low-density polyethylene/ethyl vinyl acetate blend bags.

Please be sure to contact us before the end of July to manufacture and fulfill your order.

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